• New Digs

    After several months of intense work by Tony, we’re finally getting close to having a new shop. I’ll keep you posted…


  • The Vanual


  • Wej

    After an unbelievably long wait, my WEJ has arrived! I’ll write about it… when I know if it’s worth writing about.

  • Fishell x ZumSteel


  • Unwelcome Light

  • UGO

  • Zero to One

  • Preacher

    Ahoy-hoy! Bailey and the crew finished up the first season of “Graves” while I moved over to get started on “Preacher: Season 1“. Things are going swimmingly so far. We’re testing a new web-based system for tracking purchases, rentals, pickups, and trucking orders. Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog a bit more intelligently about it once we’ve put it through its paces…

  • Dudes of Deck

    You can work on an idea for days/months/years and refuse to show it to the world until it’s complete. Or, you can link to it and let people say/do what they will before it’s finished.

    Dudes of Deck is my new baby – a chance for me to put what I’ve learned while working in the film industry to good use. I’ve tried something similar before using a different Geo-mapping Theme in WordPress, but I think that this current iteration is better and I’m hoping to couple it with some great resources for everybody – both in and out of the film community. Let me know what you think!

  • Movie-ing On

    Gold has wrapped up and now we’re on to a couple of different, new shows. Bailey and I began work on Graves last week, while Tony is working on The Space Between Us. Stay tuned for photos and stories – Tony and Tyson have built some tasty stuff already for TSBU.

  • Fusion360

    Autodesk recently released Fusion360, an online CAD/CAM solution that is very intriguing to me. I fully believe in the validity and immediacy of “napkin design”; but, when it comes to projects that are going to run 3 to 5 figures per major component, I love the idea of seeing how they’re going to fit together before ponying up. In comes Fusion360.

    In the 10 minutes that I played with the software, I was able to download a rough model of an XS650 engine, explode it, and grab these screenshots. Not too shabby! The user base for CAD/CAM packages like Softworks is fairly huge in industrial and automotive design and it seems that Autodesk is getting something right with their file import types and UI. Plus, online resources like GrabCAD are making sharing existing models very easy – the XS650 Engine and several Mikuni Carbs popped up first search!

  • Not-So-Ancient History

    About 2 ½ years ago, I started talking my friend & co-worker, Tony, into “building some motorcycles and tweaking some cars” with me. I like to think I have some useful skills, but “mechanic” has never been one of them. I thought if I could get Tony on-board, his chops would do a lot to fuel my evil plan. I had no idea what I was doing, but Tony’s a pal and decided not to let me fumble in the darkness.

    Tony recommended that we start with something old, simple, and cheap. The community surrounding vintage Yamaha bikes seemed really appealing to both of us and I bought an ’81 XS650 after a month or two of searching. Oddly enough, a 2nd XS650 popped up on Craigslist a few weeks later and it just seemed like too good a deal to pass up. Lightning can’t strike more than twice, right?!?

    Over the past year, we’ve accumulated upwards of 15 old motorcycles, a bunch of tools, a wee “vintage” truck, and we are in the process of moving from our over-crowded garages to the “luxury” of a dedicated shop/storage. I met Tony through the Film Industry and our work in the Art Department still pays the bills; but, things are starting to take shape and now seems like a good time to start documenting, sharing, and discussing our “affliction” publicly. Stay tuned…